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Friday, February 10, 2012

Have you ever . . .

. . . been to the library and brought home a huge stash of books to peruse (having primarily judged all of them by the covers) and realised, once you’ve got them home and opened one or two, that they’re totally not what you were looking for?

I’ve stumbled upon a solution to this and it’s not a solution I’d have thought would work.

I dragged Janae up the stairs and down the 746 isle to pull books off the self (some I wanted and others that just took my fancy). Then we lumbered down the stairs and off to the children's section. “Can I play Mum?” she asked. Sure. I planted myself on a sofa and started flipping through books. Of the six I had chosen, three went into the returns bin before we’d even left the library.


This was the book I went specifically for. Slippery little sucker had been filed in the wrong place so it took some finding. But with only 12 more squares to go on the Gala Blanket I’m certain I can get them out of here.


The other book I brought home was this one all about the crochet bullion stitch. I found the most amazing square motif that featured the bullion stitch and I had to give it a go. I probably tried about 20 times and got totally fed up and swore I’d never try it again. However, it’s so beautiful that I’m determined I’m going to beat it. I also found this link on Pinterest the other day that seems quite helpful in mastering it. I’ll give it a go once the rug rats have found peaceful slumber this evening.


Finally I chose this one, which isn’t exactly what I wanted, but might have some useful ideas for future blankets this year. (2011 was the year of the cushion for me and it seems that 2012 is the year of the blanket.)

Alas, I have no crochet to show you. Can you believe that I’ve spent less than half an hour with a hook in my hand over the past three days? Tuesday I said I was looking forward to Wednesday morning quietly creating. Huh! Fat chance. I’ve driven over 300 kilometres in that time, have been to countless planning meetings and even to a “high tea” this morning to celebrate a friend’s birthday. So tonight I’m determined I’m going to get the children into their pits at a decent hour and just enjoy the peace, the solitude and the creativity . . . oh and the pot of tea!

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