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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Must Have Book


I mentioned a fabulous book that was loaned to me by Kate and here it is.

I don’t often buy craft books, having been stung by thinking the book I’d bought would be fabulous only to find it wasn’t quite so and it’s sat on a shelf ever since. Well, this book is one that I’m definitely going to invest in. It has every kind of border you could imagine, and some you’ve never dreamed of. With my Square-a-Day challenge turning into the Year-of-the-blanket, I think this would be a very useful tool . . . and one I’ll use throughout the years as well.


It’s got detailed instructions as well as graphs. My first crafty thing was cross stitch, way back when I was a girl, so following graphs is easier for me, but the written instructions are easy to follow too. And with very clear photographs, it’s relatively easy to pick which design you want. Well, it would be easy but I was like a baby in a candy store with way too much choice. But, I got there in the end and I’m so pleased with the outcome.

And the square challengDSCF2468e is coming along great with the next project under way. I’m working all in purple for this blanket and the squares are HUGE! 12 inch squares are fabulous because they lull you into the false sense that work is coming along quickly. However, they do take much longer to stitch and I’m only getting four squares from 100 grams.

I used this square in my Gala Blanket (not full sized though) and loved it. So I’m replicating it in a full blanket. I’m hoping this blanket will be the first thing I’ve made and sold without a commission. I just need to work out the vehicle for selling. I’ll just have to keep pondering that one.


  1. It looks like it will be a very useful book. I love your blanket too ~ your use of colour is very effective :O)

  2. I love the squares! Great pattern.. Can you tell me where you got it from? :)

    1. Hi Anne, I found the pattern for this square on Chris Simon's site "Yarn Crazy" http://www.yarncrazy.com/?page=2
      Hopefully this link will take you there.