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Monday, February 6, 2012

New Clothes for Polly Precious


After years of stripping their “babies” and carrying them round starkers, my girls have finally come around to the fact their dolls need clothes. And who better than me to make them? So I’ve been beavering away on a bright and cheerful outfit for Polly Precious.

The pattern, found here, wasn’t what I might call user friendly, however, once I figured out what the designer was trying to do I managed to work my way around the pattern and I’m very pleased with the results.


Janae is also very pleased with the results and thinks that Polly is very precious now. I was gong to make her some little panties to go under the dress but Janae requested nappies. So I carried on with my original plan and, instead of sewing up the sides, I added tabs on each side at the back and buttons on the front so they look a little like nappies.


But it hasn’t all been about dolls clothes, I’ve been keeping to my square a day challenge too. I know I started the star a day ago, but I made the square part of it today and so I’m counting it as today’s square. It’s yet another Chris Simon design. And, after working on the doll’s clothes, I really appreciate her designs as they are so easy to follow. I have a feeling the Gala Blanket may have more than just a couple of her squares.

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