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Thursday, February 23, 2012

This is actually quite fun


Apologies for the photography but I just had to show you the first of the cabled gloves.

I have to admit I had quite a lot of fun make this and am looking forward to starting the second. And I was surprised at how straight forward it was (even with five needles on the go).

I kept a piece of paper next to me that had scratchings of how many rows I’d knitted, which row of the cable pattern I was on and a reminder of which rows I had to cable forward or back. All this marking made the knitting process fly.

I’m also a lot happier with my tension on this glove, as compared to the first pair I made. So today I’m off to the library and I’m going to hunt out sock books. I usually do my shopping day with my mum because: a) I get to drive her big fancy car; b) I get to use up her petrol; b) she treats us to coffee and a muffin; c) shopping is generally more fun with a friend. But my folks are off to Taupo for a couple of days so I get to shop alone. This means as much time as I want browsing the library isles. Bring it on!

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