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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Well that was easy


I cannot tell you how much fun these were to make. I know they’re very “Christmas” but with the constant thought of squares in my mind, there are only a few colours from my stash I’m willing to experiment with, so red and white were the colour of the day. You can see that one is slightly larger than the other, I’m fairly sure that’s due to differing tension; I’m also fairly sure that with more practice I might just be able to get the hang of four needles. Who knows, maybe a decent pair of socks may emerge from this endeavour.

It also felt extremely strange to be making gloves in the height of summer, but I know I’ll wear these a lot when the cold weather arrives.

I also think I’m going to whip some up in black for my brother (sans frilly bits) as he’s a street artist who spends his days drawing on the freezing streets of Wellington. I think these may be very welcome by him. I may even get brave and try the cable. If it’s in black I don’t think they’ll stand out as too girly.

So it’s shopping day and I’m off to get some more yarn to complete the Gala Blanket and maybe a couple of new ones to start the next big project, which I haven’t entirely decided upon yet. I think a palette may help with that decision. And it’s planning day for Crafty Girls 2012. Oh the pressure to come up with crafts that are fun, budget friendly and able to be completed in a couple of hours. If you’ve got any ideas please feel free to pass them along. All suggestions gratefully accepted.

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