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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bags of Fun


I arrived home from grocery shopping this morning to find this on my doorstep. I’ve been asked to make some baby blankets for Plunket and the St Vincent de Paul group. I was a bit cheeky and said I’d be happy to if the lovely ladies would like to donate some of their wool stash to go towards it.

This bag is full of gorgeous colours and I’m itching to make a start on something. Hmmm what to do first?


I also had some inspiration about Kayley’s bedroom last night. (Which, after today’s purchase may be obsolete already.) I have some old pillow cases that I never use because they don’t match anything and are kind of blah. Then I remembered how Kate from Greedy for Colour had blanket stitched a pillow case and crocheted on to that. Brilliant! So last night while watching my favourite show “Winners and Losers” I made this.


I’m so chuffed with how well it’s come out that I may have to hunt out more plain pillow cases and adorn them in the future. I may even have to have Op Shop Queen Andrea to keep an eye out while she’s doing her rounds too.

I used a pattern from the “500 Motifs, Pattern Stitches and Techniques” book that Janet loaned me the other day. I haven’t crocheted with any yarn this fine in a while so it took a couple of rows to get into it and then I was away laughing.


I’ve also been making steady progress with putting my purple squares together. I’m not sure I’ll ever do a large square like this again. The making of the square takes an age and then the putting them together takes an age. I’m not patient enough I suppose. But I quite like the overall effect. It’s all a bit purple for my liking but I’m sure a wee girl somewhere will enjoy it. Well, here’s hoping!


  1. Ohhh I love those pillow case edges! You could do the same on a duvet cover or quilt. My grandmother used to edge plain hankies and give them to us as gifts, they made fabulous doll sheets!

    1. Thank you. Actually the idea of matching sheets and pillows is quite lovely. What a great idea!