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The past two years have been all about adjusting to motherhood and finding my way through it via craft. The out pouring of this came in the form of my blog Aunty Mum. Now I'm finally finding my feet, the children are growing, I'm getting some independence and my interests are morphing . . . into cooking. Join me in exploring creativity in many forms, food, fabric, frowns and laughter.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Comfort Zone

.I discovered just how un-techno geek I am over the weekend. I use a laptop computer and have a wireless modem but have never, in two years in this house, been able to connect to the modem without the cable. Finally, completely over my lack of computer mobility I got on the phone to Vodafone (somewhere in India it seems).

After speaking with a lovely, and very helpful man for about 30 minutes, trying to input my password to connect up and having no success, he said to me “what does your screen say the modem is called?” “Dynalink” I replied. “But, you don’t have a dynalink” was his response. Oh. Right. Well, that will explain it. I’ve spent two years trying to connect to the neighbour’s modem using my password. Boy did I feel a goose.

So now I’m fully mobile and loving it because it’s meant that I can finally get rid of the world’s ugliest computer desk, all the junk that got dumped on top of it and I’ve created my own little creative comfort zone.


I have a lovely comfy chair, some cushions I made last winter, and the table my Dad made when he was about 17 (it must be an antique by now). I anticipated that every time I wandered by I’d smile to myself and think . . . it’s all mine.

Alas, every time I wandered by I found some variation of this . . .


I don’t know what it is about my children and the spaces I try to create for myself. I wonder if it has something to do with order versus chaos. Oh well, they aren’t here to pilfer my space during the day so I’m about to settle down to some creativity very shortly. Can’t wait!

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