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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I need more hours in the day

Life just seems to be getting in the way of creativity at the moment. So much for my ‘square a day’ challenge. Oh well, I suppose I should be pleased I kept it up for so long. We’re up to Thursday tomorrow and I’ve not been home for more than an hour all week. But I’m making progress on the plunket blanket.


I’ve now got three of the seven rows sewn together. I’m doing a variation on a braid join where I go around the square in dcs, then ch 3, skip two stitches, sc into the third, all the way around. The next square I do the same except chain 2, sc into the ch 3 space of the previous square to join, ch 1 and sc after skipping two dc on working square (if this makes any sense at all).


I’m liking the effect but, as usual, it won’t be at its best until it’s blocked. Unfortunately I won’t be doing any more tonight because I’ve got Lexi’s birthday gifts to complete. I’ve found a pattern for a La La Loopsy type doll, which I hope to be able to make tonight. Here’s hoping anyway.

There has been some real excitement in our house amidst the business though. Check this out . . .


My family are no longer squished into my little Nissan Pulsar. Now we have a bus (at least that’s what we’ve called it). Life’s funny really. I’ve wanted a bigger car for so long. And then, a few weeks ago I found some peace about my wee grey bullet. It goes so well, it’s cheap to run and one day we won’t battle with car seats. So I’d resigned myself to having it for some time to come. Just when I get to this point my Dad realises it really is too small and was secret squirrel checking out these. We found just the right one on Monday and now it’s our family car. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have space to breath as we travel about town. Thank you Dad. (Of course my Mum didn’t find it amusing when I said “wow, I should take another two children now). I was joking by the way.

Now it’s time to feed the hoards I have and make a start on Lexi’s doll.

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