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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh the Shame


I can now see why I kept shutting the door on this for over a month. This room has been getting steadily worse since about half way through the school holidays and I just haven’t had the heart to tackle it. Yesterday I finally took the bull by the horns.


After two hours of huffing, puffing, the odd swear word and lots of “those ruddy children” I got it looking a bit more inhabitable. Unfortunately, all that tidying up, throwing away and organising left me little headspace to claim the room as my own. Maybe that’ll happen next week. I was reminded, however, of the need for a sofa in here. This is where the children can watch their DVDs and videos to their hearts content on wet and cold days. Currently they use their beach chairs, but I’d love for them to have a proper sofa to sit on. If you know of anyone selling off and old one, be sure to let me know.


So all that tidying left me free today to start joining squares. I bet you thought I’d given up on the purple blanket. But no; it’s been quietly being made, with little fuss and bother. I tried out a couple of other joining methods before settling on this one and I’m so glad this is what I chose. You can find out how at this link.

I’d love to spend the rest of the day dong this, but I’ve got an Iconz planning meeting. We’re starting up a programme at our Church for the girls. We’ve run Iconz for boys for a while and it’s been such a hit we decided it was time the girls had something. So, I can’t spend all afternoon hooking, alas a bit of a tidy up is in order. Thankfully, however, I’ve learned a bit of the art of delegation and Nicky is bringing the supper. Looking forward to that too!

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