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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ahhh that’s better



It’s not often that I order books online. In fact, it’s not often I buy books because our main library has so many good ones there really isn’t any need. However, when I re-issue a book I know it’s one I’ll use a lot. So, my first book depository purchase is this book. I have already made two pairs of the same pattern and am currently making my Dad’s pair from here and I think there will be only one or two patterns I won’t make.

And it was this book that also encouraged me to make another unusual purchase.


Remember I told you about a absolutely fabulous yarn purchase? This wee ball is it. You see, I usually purchase a cheap alternative for my creations to be sure that my weekly budget isn’t taken up with crafting. But this week I knew that I’d made enough socks with cheap acrylic to be sure I loved making socks. It was time to try my hand a ‘real’ sock yarn. I hate to admit it, this yarn cost me 16.50 for 50g and I will need two balls for Dad’s socks. Wow, over 30 for one pair of socks. But trust me, if you felt these on your feet you too would feel it was worth it. And it’s pure NZ yarn too so that’s got to be good.


This is the first of the socks. They look a little out of proportion because Dad didn’t want long socks . . . just above the ankle was the request. He tried it on for size and then wandered around the house with one sock on for a while because he just didn’t want to take it off.

The second is started and I’m swinging along with it now. The second is always so much easier than the first because you’re familiar with the pattern.

True to my ‘over achieving’ nature I’m planning the next pair. I think it will be the socks on the front cover, however, there’s a gorgeous lacy, self striping pair that I’d love to make for Mum. Gotta make a decision soon.

Easter hols are just around the corner and I have three kids who are all ready for a break (if I’m reading rows and tantrums correctly). It’s just a shame their mum’s (me) not quite ready yet.


  1. This is the alpaca/possum mix? With all the possums that ran across our path last Friday night, I'd have thought it would cost half that! Still it's worth it alpaca and possum are sooooo soft! I wonder if I could crochet the Hubs a pair to wear with his fire boots? He's always looking for warm but soft. Nek minnit I'm off to look and see...

    1. :) he will aboslutely love them. It really is worth spending that little bit extra for the luxury!