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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chasing the Sunshine


For the first few months of 2012 I have spent my afternoons chasing the shade. I love working outdoors with a cool breeze, cool drink and something lovely forming between my fingers. The children play outdoors happily while I knit or crochet, the house stays tidy indoors after a morning of tidying and pottering. Really, creation outdoors is a win-win situation in my home.

Today, however, after I’d moved the table under the shade of the giant Copper Beech my parents planted before I was born I found that chasing shade may be a thing of the past this year.


I’d put my knitting down to go and find my slippers. The I’d put it down again to find a cardigan and finally I decided to put it down a third time and move the table and chairs. I opted for a little filtered shade beneath my tiny silk tree. One day this tree is going to be my “nature’s sun umbrella” when the tree is big enough. So I sat happily in the warmth until it was time to go for a hot swim.

And this evening we’ve been spoiled rotten. We took young Venus with us for a swim as she and Kayley had spent the day helping Janet mosaic her outdoor seat by their pool. Now, a cup of coffee or tea is mandatory when dropping by their house. But tonight the quick cup of coffee turned into an invite to join them for a fish and chip dinner, followed by some homemade ice cream (a collaborative effort between Bill and I while Janet went off for the dinner). The children watched a movie in the other room after dinner while we chatted and knitted.


So the first sleeve is almost complete. I cannot tell you how tiresome I find stocking stitch row after row, but I got there in the end. How wonderful are those lovely straight rows of stitches looking back at you? It never ceases to amaze my Mum that for years she’s tried to get me to knit and the results have looked nothing better than some moth eaten, half finished something (you couldn’t call it a garment because it never resembled much) and all of a sudden, at the ripe old age of 40, I’ve got the hang of it and love the art dearly. I’ve also had another look through some of Janet’s knitting magazines and have the perfect solution for the collar . . . but that’s a secret until I finally get to that stage.

Now the children are in bed about an hour late, I’m about to check in with Agatha Christie and this week’s Miss Marple mystery and carry on finishing the sleeve. Life is just bliss sometimes isn’t it!

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  1. I''m taping it - I can't stay up long enough to watch anything tonight and I have a really good mystery (book) to curl up in bed with tonight. SOOO nice to be back in my own bed again. Catch up soon, Love Kate xxooxx.