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Friday, April 13, 2012

Maybe I shouldn’t have got out of bed

Yesterday the lady who bought my car came to collect it and the battery was dead. Not just dead but completely had it. Poor woman had to wait while my Dad came around with jumper leads, declared the battery “not for resuscitation” and then had to get another battery from the implement shed. About 45 minutes later she was off.

I asked Kayley to go turn the oven on to cook our pizza for dinner but she announced she couldn’t get it going. I tried, there were sparks and then . . . . NOTHING! Arghhh. All I could think was “that’s two things, what will the third be?” I try so hard not to be superstitious but those things creep up on you.

Anyway, in some sort of miracle the oven is working this morning. which only makes me more nervous so I haven’t cancelled Richard to come check it out.

So this morning I was determined to find the lovely things about the day. The girls are sitting at the dining table in the sun painting me pictures.


I have one lone chilli drying in my kitchen. I’ve been waiting months for these to turn to red and now they’re starting.


Here’s my wee chilli patch in the garden with some more turning red. I keep thinking of all the lovely ‘warm’ dishes we’ll eat this winter.

The sun is shining, Kayley’s washing (ready for camp in a couple of days) is blowing in the breeze and once Richard is finished finding out if I need a new oven, we’ll head down the park for a couple of hours so I can carry on with this . . .


Yes another pair of socks, the same as the last. My mum wore her new pair to our Dear Rosa’s yesterday and Rosa was so taken with them she ordered a pair of her own. Trust me, these are not a money spinning make, but I love making them so much that a couple of dollars profit to go towards the next ball of yarn is okay by me.

It’s so worth taking a look around our world and searching for the blessings because they’re almost everywhere we look and it makes the day brighter and more enjoyable.
What blessings can you find in your immediate space?

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  1. As you know I have three pair on the needles and am so ready to cast on another pair...