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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Short lived holidays

I was just relaxing into day two of my “holiday” when the phone rang. It was camp telling me Kayley had been complaining of a sore tummy. Of course, when there’s a wiff of a funny tummy that child needs to be sent home. Well, there’s been no sign of a bug so I’m assuming the stomach ache had more to do with home sickness than real sickness. So my break was cut short. However, I didn’t waste the time.


Here are the cupcakes I’d just finished icing when I got the call to go over and collect Kayley. You’ll see that my technique got better as I worked on them. The ones on the left are the last ones. And, surprisingly, they’re quite a hit with the children too.

I also whipped up a lemon slice as the neighbour dropped down a bag of the most enormous lemons you’ve ever seen. I love lemon slice so it’s been difficult to restrict myself of one piece at a time. This is one the children don’t like which means I need to either freeze it or eat it . . . see my struggle?


I also popped in to Janet’s for a cup of coffee. I love visiting Janet as she has mountains of crafty yarny books . . . some dating back before I was born. I shared with her my desire to work with knitting design using cables but didn’t have a clue where to start so she pulled these two out and loaned them to me. This evening I’ve been scouring Book Depository looking for Knitters Bibles and Stitch Guide books. Strangely, until now, I’ve always turned my nose up at books like these in the library. Now that I’m feeling confident about my ability and have some ideas floating around in my head I’m seeing the need and usefulness of such books.


And finally the last sock picture you’ll see for a while. It’s been very cold of a night here lately and I was wearing odd socks last night. I had on the match to this and the cable one I made during the week. So I knew it was time to finish of my own pair. I have a feeling I’m going to live in these this winter as they’re just so cosy. How silly that I’ve made almost six pairs of socks and only one for myself.

Now I’m having an internal debate with myself (actually it’s almost an internal, stand-up row with myself). Do I unpick the six rows I’ve done of my jumper and use that yarn to make something of my own design or do I carry on and make it half heartedly? Oh I just don’t know. Hopefully by my next post I’ll have made a decision and I can let you know.

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  1. I was just thinking I need some black and white socks! I have a few more days of vacation then back to work until summer break in June...