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Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Terrible Mother

My poor little boy woke me at about five this morning sobbing his little heart out because he had been sick in his bed. We did all the usual things and got him back to bed but by 10am he announced he was feeling much better. He had no temperature, had colour back in his face and was being cheeky to his sister so I decided we could take a trip into the craft supplies fair in Bethlehem.

Well, it was so stuffy due to the huge amount of people and we’d only done half the room when he tugged on my sleeve. “Mum,” he said little eyes wide with terror. “I’m about to be sick again.” Quick! we rushed through the throngs and out to the carpark where unceremoniously relieved himself of his water intake. Boy-oh-boy did I feel like a terrible mother.


I did, however, manage to make one purchase. Check out this gorgeous mohair yarn. I’ve never knitted with mohair before but I just couldn’t go past this at two dollars a ball. I’m thinking now that I should have bought all six of them.

I also had the opportunity to spot my friend Sue. Sue and I met in Hawaii some 20 years ago and our paths keep crossing over the years. Thankfully the lovely Carolyn promised to speak to her on my behalf so she didn’t think I’d left without saying hello. (I must confess that we ditched the lovely Carolyn at the fair to be collected by her husband because we just had to get home.


And last night I finished Dad’s socks. I’m so looking forward to giving them to him tomorrow. They’re going to be his Easter Egg gift as we don’t do the whole chocolate thing for the adults.


And because most of today has been home bound I’ve made a start on Mum’s next pair. I had thought I’d make a lacy pair, but this yarn just didn’t lend itself to such a pattern so I’m going with a low roll sock which will be much more versatile when it comes to when you can wear them. I’ve completed more than this but I snapped this just before we went off to music practice this afternoon. The children will be in bed early tonight so I’ve got the evening ahead to keep stitching. Can’t wait.

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  1. Poor boy I hope he's better soon :( Tummy bugs are the worst, they come out of nowhere and bam!