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Thursday, April 12, 2012

To Auckland and the Playgrounds Inbetween



Our trip to Auckland was a huge success on so many fronts. We always have a half way stop to ensure legs are stretched, bladders are emptied and energy is disposed of. Yesterday we stopped at the home of the “World Famous in New Zealand” drink Lemon and Paeroa. While Mum and I did the very vintage thing and drank tea made with hot water from a flask (circa 1970) the kids tried to reach dizzying heights on the swings.

Back on the road and great excitement brewed as we powered up the motorway.



“Dad, Dad, watch me” are the words that are still ringing in my ears today. The children see my brother about once a year and it’s always an occasion of great delight because he never tires of pushing them on the swing or helping one child try to dislodge another from the see saw. I love seeing them with their father because it’s all about the moment and being together, which is quite refreshing.


We had a wander around Western Springs gardens and park and came across some very hungry ducks, very large geese and enormous eels. Rogan’s attention wouldn’t be diverted from them even when a posing opportunity arose.

My only disappointment was, despite keeping a keen eye out, I didn’t see Jay from The Hook Nook. I had such hopes of seeing her crocheting on a rug somewhere and being able to say “Hi, guess who I am” but it’s a large park, so hopefully next time we’re up there we might bump into one another.


Today has been spent in a much more subdued manner. We were given three sets of stilts the other day. It’s a bit like the Three Bears, there’s a little set, a middle sized set and a large set. Here’s Kayley about to master the large set. It’s amazing how quickly she’s got the hang of it because the other evening she was putting on quite a tanty when she couldn’t walk with the little ones. Just after taking this picture she was dancing little jigs on them, turning in circles and attempting to jump. Don’t be surprised if I post a picture of one girl in a large cast before too long. Hopefully she stays safe until camp on Sunday.


And while I oooohed and aahhhed and confirmed that Kayley is indeed the cleverest girl in the world I finished off these. They’re not identical and I don’t care. I cannot even express how in love with sock knitting I am. I’m ready to start another pair as soon as I get a moment tomorrow. I’m so addicted to socks that I haven’t even looked at the cardigan I started a few weeks ago (which I have to unpick and start again due to the fact that I don’t have a two metre wide backside and the back of the cardigan is huge). I’m beginning to worry that while all our feet will be warm this winter, our top halves will be naked. Brrrr. I think I’d better find some creative balance between now and when school goes back.


  1. See socks, they are all the rage now! I've read so many posts today about socks....they look great and glad you're trip is going well...

    1. Thanks, have just started another pair. Mum showed them off to her friend this morning and she's ordered a pair.

  2. Alas I was over ruled by demanding kids :( last year they would have killed to feed ducks and swans, this year it's all too small for them.

    1. That is disappointing for you. Maybe when school goes back, it's a fine day and you're not working, you could sneak off there alone and enjoy the surroundings and solitude.

  3. I often go during the day by myself and take pics of the birds there. Hopefully next time you come up or next time I am in Tauranga. The Wee Girl wants to go down and spend next holidays with her aunt.

    1. That sounds great. I can't believe that I lived in Pt Chev for 2 years and never went to that park.