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Friday, April 6, 2012

A Turn up for the Books

Easter in the Bay of Plenty is notorious for being foul weather, cold and generally miserable. This Good Friday, however, is totally amazing. Its been so lovely that I’ve even managed to make it to the outdoor table for the first time in weeks.


Life has got so busy around here that time spent crafting in my secret shady spot has been few and far between. So this morning I managed to get all the chores done early, the kids were happy catching up on their favourite shows at the computer and I snuck out here for some quiet time. As you can see, I’m charging through Dad’s socks now that I have the second ball of wool.


I’m always amazed at how much tighter the second sock knits up compared to the first. I think this has something to do with the fact that I’m more confident with the pattern the second time around. And check out the needles. I’m a stickler for steel needles and hooks. I hate how the plastic knitting needles bend in my hands and I find plastic crochet hooks tend to feel sticky through the stitches. So when the lady at the yarn shop suggested these bamboo ones I wasn’t optimistic. However, they are, by far the best thing I’ve spent money on in years. My next pair of socks require four needles rather than three so I may have to whip into the shop tomorrow and grab another set so that Mum’s socks can be started as soon as these are finished. If you haven’t used bamboo I highly recommend you give them a go. You’ll never choose anything else.


And speaking of Mum’s socks. I took her to the shop yesterday so she could choose her own yarn this time. The ladies there are very passionate about their knitting. So much so they have knitted one sock in each of their sock yarns so that you can easily see what you’re buying. I would never have picked this yarn by looking at the ball. Trust me, it’s going to look fabulous knitted up. I just want Dad’s socks done so I can start on this yummy stuff.

Here’s wishing you a fabulous and safe Easter. If you’re driving, please take care and make sure you over indulge on chocolate (although perhaps not while you’re driving). If you can’t eat too much chocky goodness at Easter when can you?

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