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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Sad Farewell for a While

For the past month or so my carpal tunnel in my left hand has been playing up. It’s been interesting to feel the last two fingers tingle and feel numb, but I didn’t think too much about it as I’ve managed knitting just fine.

However, yesterday I decided that I needed to get on with some crochet as there are a couple of birthdays coming up and I know exactly what I need to make.

crochet lace headband

The lovely Carolyn requested a crochet headband for Emily’s birthday in a couple of weeks. No problem. I headed over to Pinterest the other day and pinned quite a number of ideas. This one here is a favourite and you can find it at All Things Bright and Beautiful along with some other very inspiring makes. Unfortunately, this is where my current disability reared it’s ugly head for the first time.

I wasn’t going to make this for Emily, but had chosen a lovely granny headband in 12ply with a gorgeous flower. I got half way through the first row of single crochet and my left hand seized and was very painful. Resting for a bit didn’t help at all. So it’s with the greatest sadness that I realise I have to forego crochet for the time being. I will need to see the doctor and be referred for a very non-invasive surgery before too long and that scares the wits out of me. My mother had this surgery and it was quite painful and took a few weeks to heal properly. But it’s also important that I get it sorted before it gets too bad.


The other crochet project I’ve been saving has been this bolster cushion for a friend’s birthday. She saw it when I pinned it and agreed that she would be very “surprised” to find this gift wrapped on her special day. Now I have to rethink the whole idea. Thanks to Janet, I have some wonderful stitch library books and feel that I may have to persevere with my patience levels and knit something lacy and beautiful instead. I’ve been playing around with knitted lace a bit, as you know, so I think that if I can confine myself to knitting in when children aren’t awake or at home I should be able to make something my friend will love and I’ll be happy to give away. Here’s hoping anyway.

So for the next wee while I’ll have to content myself to admiring all your beautiful crochet achievements and be happy to be blessed by your creations. What will I miss most? The speed with which I can create something gorgeous. Knitting is a wonderful craft and I love it dearly but it’s not known for it’s speed. Hmmm, maybe there’s a life lesson or two in this situation: in fact, I’m certain there is.


  1. Oh I'm sorry to hear this...I hope you get better..and things work out for your hand...

  2. Please keep us updated, I hope the pain eases and you will be back to tippy top soon

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I won't stop blogging, but it probably won't be prolific.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that... Get well soon with your hand and have a great week ahead!!!
    Best, LS