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Friday, August 17, 2012

So exciting


I picked up this exciting magazine yesterday. I very rarely indulge in magazines because I find the cover is often misleading, the interior disappointing, and my attention span needing something a bit more meaty. However, this is the third time I have purchased this particular mag and I LOVE  LOVE LOVE it.

There is a reason why I bought this issue. Last week I was catching up on some blog reading and Auntie Becky had featured a shawl she was crocheting. I instantly fell in love and had to phone the local magazine specialist Mag Addiction and ask them to get it.

So now I’m desperate to finish off my mum’s scarf so I can get the hooks out and get crocheting again. I haven’t required surgery on my hand, the doctor advised that I avoid leaning on tables with my elbows, which is very bad etiquette I know. I have done this and now I have the feeling back in my fingers. Yeah!


And here’s the scarf I’m currently making. You know that feeling you get when you’re near the end of a project? That feeling that you’ve spent about as much time as you can stand and you just want it finished but you’re not really enthused enough to give it your full attention? I hope you feel that way too with some projects. Well that’s how I’m feeling right now. It’s a bit of a chore to pick it up.


In saying that though, the yarn is gorgeous to work with. It’s 2 ply which sounds horrendous but I’m working with 4mm needles so it’s not a problem. The pattern takes a little concentration so it’s not very child friendly. The biggest bug bear right now is Sam (the cat) thinks it’s great fun to snuggle up and lull me into a false sense of security then, when I least expect it, he grabs hold of the ball of yarn in his sharp little teeth and dashes across the room. Little monkey he is.


  1. The scarf is almost done and yeah I so know how you feel!

  2. What a gorgeous colour, I know what you mean when, much as you might love an item, you just want it DONE!
    Haven't seen that particular magazine.
    Carol xx