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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tea Total . . . Total Tea

Tea is not something I’ve really thought too much about with regards to flavour and quality. It’s something I enjoy while knitting or crochet; it’s definitely something I enjoy with friends; it’s something that I enjoy when I’m a bit cold and need warming up. However, since giving up smoking tea has become a bit of a life saver as, when the urge arises, I make a cup, head outdoors (rain or shine) as I would with a ciggy and quietly sip.
I’ve always felt a little like a superior tea drinker as I prefer Earl Grey to Bog-Standard-Builders-Brew or Great-Gumboot-Tea. And lately, I’ve been feeling even more superior as I’ve graduated to Lady Grey and most of my friends drink it also.
Well, now weight loss has become a part of the quest for a “better me” my usual Thursday morning Hot Chocolate and Sausage Roll with my Mum has had to change. Our supermarket has a lovely little cafe and we ALWAYS stop there before embarking on grocery shopping. I believe that five dollars spent in there is a saving of about forty dollars in the supermarket. Anyway, last week I decided that I was using up too many points on my hot chocolate (I hadn’t discovered just how many thousand a sausage roll used up at that stage) and I ordered a cup of Bergamot Breeze (I think it’s called) of this brand . . .
It is absolutely, mind blowingly good tea. It’s even got little purple flowers in it. The scent alone is enough to make me swoon. And the cup they serve it in . . . finally tea drinkers are as ‘hip’ as coffee consumers now, possibly more so. I was instantly in love and had to know where I could purchase such a brew.
Now I had hoped to be able to send you off to a website where you could check out all their wonderful things, unfortunately this is the best I can do. But, in my search for their website, I found this little gem. The teas here look absolutely amazing and I think, before the evening is out I may have ordered a range of tasters so I can figure out which ones I want to invest in. And the best thing is that they’re Fair Trade too. I’ll let you know how I get on and if it’s worth trying them out. Think I’ll pop off for a pot of Lady Grey now before I settle down to the scarf and the Block.


  1. We will need to have a cup of tea soon. Love Kate xxooxx.

  2. I'm a tea drinker, I've never liked coffee.....and congratulations on quitting, besides the weight loss (which I also need to do) its the best thing you can do for yourself and your kids....Wish I could come and join you for a cup of tea...

    1. it woukd be awesome if you could pop by for a cuppa. Hopefully one day

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