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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A day out


We took the children out of school today so they could go and congratulate their cousin in person. It was glorious and the sun was smiling on NZ to welcome home her Champions.


We had a long wait but found ways to fill it in. And finally the plane taxied past the window and we shot downstairs.


Another long wait which my Dad filled by chatting up a One News reporter (young and pretty . . . he couldn’t help himself). And finally they came out. I was surprised at how emotional it all was. When we hugged our champion we all had a tear in the eye. Mary, however, took it all in her stride.


Once all the media interviews were over we got to spend a few minutes with Mary. The children got to hold the gold medal (it’s really heavy) and touch it. I was happy to see there was braille on it and Mary read it to the children.


Kayley was astounded that Mary could sign her autograph. I think she’s forgotten the hours they spent together painting the last time Mary visited.

Now I’ve got to go as we’re glued to the news. Apparently Janae features too. How exciting.

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