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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Tall Order

My Mum is abandoning her family and is taking herself off to Australia for a couple of weeks on Monday. We’ll miss her, but she deserves a bit of a treat. She works hard keeping us all in line. So, as a bonus, she’s given me a reprieve on the scarf and has me beavering away making a crochet top for her to take away.


So far I’ve spent two evenings on it and I’m probably quarter of the way through. It’s lots of fun to make, and like all crochet items, is super quick too . . . once you figure out the pattern. It’s difficult to see what it will be like from this picture but here’s what it should look like by Sunday night . . .


The pink colour is a little out of her comfort zone, or so she thinks, but I know it will go with lots of things in her wardrobe. I’m just hoping that I’ll have it done in time. Here’s hoping the children don’t want too much attention over the weekend. This pattern is from the Crochet Today August/September magazine I shared with you a couple of weeks ago.

But I need to have a wee confession. I haven’t actually been working on the scarf, I’ve been sneakily making a hat.


This pattern is from a supplement found in last month’s Australian Women’s Weekly magazine. I would show you a photograph but I can’t lay my hands on the pattern right now. It’s knitted in the round, is a lacy beret style hat and is exactly what I’ve been looking for all winter. Typically I have one now it’s spring, but it’ll do for next winter I’m sure. It takes an immense level of concentration and, as with all things lace, I had three false starts before I got going. I’m nothing if not stubborn.

After having so long without anything much to show crafty wise, it’s great to finally be sharing some exciting things. All I have to do now, is to remember to get a photograph of mother in her new clothing item . .  assuming it’s complete. Please keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. Love the crochet top, everyone looks good in pink :-). I hope Mum has loads of fun on her holiday - Jen.