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Sunday, September 23, 2012

I didn’t make it


I have been furiously crocheting when ever I got the chance but I just wasn’t fast enough to get this complete for Mum to take to Australia with her. It’s taking me about 15 minutes per round and I still have eight rounds to go. They leave for the airport at 6am tomorrow so there’s just no way.

Why didn’t I have time? Well, it’s all because of mothers.

When I was just two weeks old my Mum and Dad adopted me into their family and I’ve lived my whole life with the knowledge that I’m adopted but they were my parents. When I was about 21 I embarked on years of international travel starting with a mission trip around the South Pacific on a tiny tin ship. I was struck that if I wanted to contact my birth mother I’d better get on to it so I did.

I’m now 40 and my BM and I have been keeping in touch, having holidays together and enjoying each other’s company a lot. She arrived in New Zealand last Friday and this Friday she came down for the weekend with my biological grandmother. This is always cause for great delight and this weekend has been wonderful.


Just one of the highlights was a walk around the reserve in Omokoroa. It’s called the Crapp reserve due to that being the family name of those who owned all the land once upon a time. An unfortunate name, but one I’ve grown up with.


A carving has been done in one of the old Redwoods that needed to be felled as it was dangerous. This man is the Reverend somone . . . one of the first settlers in our little village. The children love to climb up and give him a hug.


The truly great thing about this walk is that it goes in front of lots of beautiful gardens. So there’s breath taking views on one side and glorious gardens on the other. Bliss.



The only fly in the ointment was three children all calling out “Gail, Gail look a this, take a picture of this, watch this.” Thankfully she was gracious to them and indulged them so it wasn’t stressful at all.

So now I’m alone again. Both mothers have been farewelled this afternoon and are jetting off for Queensland in Australia. Lucky them!

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