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Monday, September 3, 2012

So many ways to waste time


Did I ever tell you about our new table? We have a lovely little round table that’s perfect for the four of us. However, as our social lives increase our table seems to decrease. So, after a dinner at our house, with seven of us cosily packed around the table, Bill and Janet arrived with this glorious wooden structure.

I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have a table that is too big for my everyday needs. I can fold washing on it, cut out fabric on it, perform surgery if that was ever required. And now we’re doing a puzzle on it.


This puzzle was another gift from a neighbour. I have no idea if all the pieces are there but it’s fun finding out. And, it shows how much the wee darlings are growing up. We sit around this jigsaw for ages together trying to slot in pieces. If I’m completely honest, it gets a little frustrating when I go to it after the darlings are in bed and have to remove all the bits that are in the wrong place, but I’m forcing myself not to stress about that and continue to see the positives. However, we’ll need to get it done smartly as we’ve got people over for dinner tomorrow night and I don’t think we want to be eating around this little gem.


So, unfortunately I don’t have much in the way of crafting to show you. We seem to be busy doing other things right now. I think, because the weather finally turned nice, we did a lot of outdoors things. Here we are taking a before school walk around the orchard to see if we have any more babies. We didn’t have any at this time, but I think the noise of the children may have sent one mum into labour because that afternoon we came across a new set of twins. How exciting all this spring newness is in our household.

Now I need to get organised. I’ve been inspired by a coffee ad on the telly where some mums get together for a morning break. So I’ve texted some friends to come over. There’s nothing else to do as the rain is pouring down again. The fire is on, the baking is in the pantry, now I’ll go organise the coffee part.

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  1. What a great table! The walk before school sounds like such a great idea!