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Friday, September 7, 2012

Where’s Wally?


If I said to you that this morning I saw a rabbit being chased down by a pair of ninjas you’d think I’d lost my mind. However, as it’s the annual Book Fair at school and the Book Character day today, it probably makes a bit more sense.


Book Character day is a big deal at OPS. Kayley (aka Wally) doesn’t do dressing up but this is the one day of the year that she really gets into it. A huge thank you to Andrea for lending us the costume. (Andrea is amazing at stuff like this; her daughter was the spitting image of Raggedy Anne.)


Rogan is Prince Caspian from the Chronicles of Narnia. We’ve seen the movies, but have yet to tackle the books. I’m still not convinced he knows a great deal about his character but he adores his costume. This was kindly lent by Nikki who has the most incredible dress-up box you’ve ever seen.


Never one to be left out, Janae had to have her turn too. She was “girl Wally” over breakfast this morning.


Even the teachers get into the spirit of it all and they were colours but with Maori names . . . kakariki = green, kowhai = yellow etc. There were a number of Tinkerbells looking gorgeous in green sparkly dresses and that’s what Janae has decided she’s going to be for next years event. It’s inspired me to find just the right fabric and make her a Tinkerbell outfit for her birthday in a couple of months.

Well, I hope the rabbit has managed to evade the ninjas . . . they’re in different classes so he’s probably safe until break time, then he’ll be running like a . . . well . . . rabbit I suppose.


  1. Funny...we have never done this at our school, but it always looks like fun.

    1. The kids love it. I don't do dressing up so I'm pleased it's not me, but I'm happy to have the kids go out looking wacky and weird whenever they like!

  2. Ahhh Book Week - I remember it well. I still have the Peter Pan costume all 3 boys wore, plus all the embarrassing photos - Jen.

    1. I'm so looking forward to when the children are adults and they're laughing about how ridiculous they looked wearing this or that. I have two girls who aren't very fashion savvy but are extremely adamant about what they wear. Memories are great.