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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Having So Much Fun

This week has been one of those that’s just flowed creativity and overwhelmed with fun.

It started on Sunday when my friend Janet took myself and another friend to a secret location for a secret workshop. It turned out to be a day making soap, hand cream, body cream and balms. Wow, I’m in love with all this and Janet and I intend to make more of these so watch this space.


I’ve also got my cooking mojo well and truly back and have been making all sorts of delicious treats. I have churned out about four batches of macaron this week. Thankfully they’ve all left the home and been given to others so I haven’t had to eat them. However, the fact that I can now make them without a recipe is a little frightening.

This picture of Janae is priceless and was very much the icing on the cake, so to speak. She’d just got out of the bath in time to lick the bowl from my first ever chocolate mousse making. By the time she’d finished she needed to get back into the bath, but that’s all part of the fun of bowl licking.

The mousse was fabulous and will be featuring on the Christmas day menu this year.

Finally, I’ve been making a wee suit for my cousin who will be having a baby in January.


This pattern comes from one of my vintage knitting pattern books. I have a hatred for baby blue or baby pink as I feel it’s such a cliché, so imagine my delight when I found this lovely yarn. It’s merino and the colour combinations are fabulous. I did worry how the patterned yarn would work with the seed stitch section, but it’s fine.

Now another friend, who saw this yesterday, wants me to make one in lemon shades for a friend of hers.

You know, there’s always a wee part of me that’s completely surprised when a garment I’ve made is complete and it looks like something someone who knows what they’re doing has made. Sounds silly I know, but the completed object is always just a little surprising.

And do you know what I made today??? Did you ever have that chocolate sauce that goes hard on ice-cream? It used to be a special treat when I was growing up.


Well, I found a recipe on Pinterest a while back and I made some today. Needless to say I was obliged to test run the sauce and low and behold it works perfectly and tastes just like the stuff in the bottle. You can find the recipe here. I did use dark, unsweetened chocolate and added a teaspoon of honey when melting the coconut oil and chocolate. YUM!!

Now I’m wondering what exciting things next week has in store!

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