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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hectic Hols

It’s been a hectic first week of the school hols. I had been hoping for a quiet time, just the four of us. However, we’ve been out every day, we haven’t been to bed before eight pm and we’re all at a very grouchy, grumbly, over-tired place.

I have, however, found time to have lots of fun creating. I’m not sure where this time has come from, but I managed to give my mother three hand-made gifts today.


I had hoped to have this finished before she left for Australia. Unfortunately that just wasn’t possible. But I did get it finished the day she flew out . . . then procrastinated on sewing the ends in until this morning.

I’m really pleased with the outcome, although I don’t think I’ll make another.

So what did I procrastinate on?


This shawl. I was cruising through Pinterest the other day and saw a lovely shawl. Following the links through I couldn’t find an actual pattern. So I pulled apart a jumper I had started (and never finished) for myself and got started. I had a couple of false starts realising I hadn’t increased frequently enough and then I trawled through Pinterest again looking for an edging. I came across this on Ravelry. Strangely enough it’s very similar to my own shawl so I can’t have been doing too much wrong. It is my intention to write a pattern, but please don’t hold your breath because it could be some time in coming.

And now I’m working on . . .


Gloves. Apologies for the terrible picture. If you click this link you’ll see what they’re supposed to look like. I cannot tell you how much fun I’m having. However, I’m finally at the part where I need to make the fingers and I’m so shattered I can’t understand the pattern. I’ve now put them down and will look at them again tomorrow.

Finally, I got Janae’s mermaid skirt finished.


It’s so far from perfect that it’s almost shameful sharing it with you. However, one of the benefits of being four (I mean four and a half) is that anything sparkly, made my mum and loosely resembling a mermaid is the very best thing in the whole world. She even tried to wear it to bed. Now she has a little sarong and pretty pink t-shirts all the way from Australia (thank  you Nanny) that this skirt is all but forgotten, but it got her through the first week of the hols so I won’t complain. She will be five in eight weeks so I have a couple of projects up my sleeve to make up part of her birthday gifts, hopefully they’ll be as gratefully received.

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  1. haha I just love the pose she is doing in her mermaid outfit! Children are great with their easily pleasedness!!