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Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Macaroon Making


I would consider myself a minor foodie. I love to cook and I especially love to make all things sweet and delicious (eating them comes a close second). So, way before all the cooking shows (which I also love) made the macaron fashionable again, I had made my first batch.


When I made them I had no idea they were supposed to be very difficult to make. I’ve made countless batches now and have never had an issue so when my friends all described the disasters they’d had making them I decided it would be fun to have a “tutorial”.


So this morning we gathered in my kitchen and I demonstrated just how easy they are to make. Here you can see the almond meal, icing sugar and egg whites all carefully folded together.


I piped them out onto the trays. I wasn’t terrible good at this as I had a bit of performance anxiety being around women who use piping bags like experts when it comes to cake decorating. But they came out almost uniform in size and shape.


One of the things I love most about baking and cooking is that it’s a constant learning curve. I was concerned that time was marching on and reduced the resting time of the macraoons and put them in the oven with still about seven minutes left. Interestingly these were the ones that cracked while baking and the second tray, that had sat forming a nice crust longer didn’t crack. Note to self: don’t skimp on macraroon resting.


Then I decided I’d show off a bit and whipped up a French buttercream filling.


Making sugar syrup is one of life’s truly fun things to do. Dangerous though as I gave myself a nice burn the other day.


And the final result. These are blueberry. I added whole blueberries and blueberry juice to the buttercream. Yum!! I had planned on making two batches today but just ran out of time so I may do some more tomorrow as I sort of promised the kindy teachers some for their morning tea!

Thanks ladies for a fun morning and hopefully you’ve seen that not all “pastry” techniques are too difficult to attempt!

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  1. Very instructive, I've watched them made on TV and they look so interesting!