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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gender Unknown

DSCF0412 I’m making more baby clothes as my mum’s posh friend Ann-Marie is expecting her first grandchild on Valentines Day. Being the woman AM is, she doesn’t want to know the gender of the child until it’s born. Well, that’s all well and good for her, but when it comes to making something for this child I’m feeling very out of my depth. The pattern I’ve chosen is from a vintage knitting and crochet magazine called Stitchcraft (which, I’ve discovered you can find online and on EBay). I was fortunate enough to be given about 20 of these a couple of years ago and they’re great for children’s creations.

Anyway, having chosen the pattern above I decided that lemon would be a gender neutral colour. However, upon starting it I’m rethinking my choice.


I am loving the pattern and have no issues with that. I’m just feeling that it’s still leaning a little toward a ‘girl’ style. However, there’s no guarantee that it won’t be a girl and then I won’t have a problem at all. Oh the dilemma.

And I have spent much time thinking of Alice from the blog Crochet with Raymond as she has coined a term “rabbiting” for when she has to back knit for rows to undo a mistake. It’s such a wonderful word because that’s exactly the sound one makes when back stitching, or even whipping needles out of a project and unravelling to a certain point. And it was during one of three rabbit sessions I’ve had on this jacket already, that I realised I missed Alice’s blog. I was going to put a link to her blog (even though she stopped writing it a few months ago), but I had a wonderful surprise . . . she’s writing a new blog called Hookknitspin. If you haven’t seen it I urge you to pop along. She is fabulous.

Well, it’s late once again and I really must head for my bed. I’ve been trying to finish Anne of Green Gables the past couple of nights, but as my days seem to be taken up with intermittent games of Skipbo, making chocolate mousse on demand, and generally entertaining the masses (i.e. the little darlings) I’m exhausted by the time I get to bed and can’t read for long. Perhaps tonight will be the night.

Catch you again soon.


  1. Thank you about Alice....I missed her blog too...

    Yarn swift....if you look them up online, there are ways to make one, so its cheaper...I also have a ball winder, but that is not necessary..the swift is what keeps it from tangling..

    1. Thanks for that. I'll certainly check it out. Cool, more variety might be just around the corner!