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Friday, December 7, 2012

The Mission of Turning Five


My baby has finally turned five and it was a whirlwind of social activities to make it there.

There was the last swimming lesson, the final Mainly Music, the last day of Kindergarten, a birthday party and then the big day. I don’t know about Janae, but I was exhausted by it all.


We shared goodies with lots of people. At kindy Janae shared lollipops and mini cupcakes with her friends. At swimming lessons she gave her teacher a card, written by herself, and a bunch of roses out of Nanny’s garden. But Mainly Music was a time when Janae got something just for her. Her own Bible and a cupcake (as MM tradition allows). She’s been waiting for her own Bible all year and what a proud girl she was.


Needless to say, on the morning of her birthday she was up bright and early to open her gifts. The heart shaped bead box was a hit and she had a necklace made before breakfast.


Then off to school with us. She was most disappointed that I wouldn’t let her catch the bus, but I think she understood that Mum needed to drop her last baby off on the first day of school.


And off she went all grown up. I will confess I didn’t shed a tear this day as it was with some relief that we’d managed to survive preschool years. I did, however, have a sniffle the next day as she left on the school bus without a kiss, hug or even a backward glance. (I’m over that feeling now too.) And her teacher tells me – after just four days of school – that it’s like she’s been at school all year, so confident is she, already displaying leadership qualities. Hmmm, I wonder where that bossy streak came in.

So you would think that I’d have had time to do lots of crafting. Alas, after one blissful day relaxing on the sofa watching six hours of Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth version of course) my eldest came down with the most horrendous cough/cold and I’ve had her company all week. Maybe next week!

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