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Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Weekend Away

They say a change is as good as a holiday and we've managed to combine both this weekend. Although my parents live only 10 minutes away it's so different from where we live that it's very much a change. Dad's away hunting so we've come for the weekend to keep my Mum company. The weather's been pretty much awful but that hasn't stopped us from having loads of fun.

There have been numerous trips down to the thermal hot pool. Here's Janae, Rogan and Nanny enjoying a morning swim. The night before I took the kids down and soaked in the hot pool with my kindle. It's a rare form of bliss.

Janae finally found the courage to try out her 'new' bike. About a year ago we were given two bikes by a family in our village. These had been given to their kids who had outgrown them so they passed along the blessing to my little darlings. Janae's hands, until now, have been too small to reach the breaks but she's off like Flynn now.

You should see her racing about. There are numerous cuts, bruises and scrapes from her first day adventuring but she seems to have got the hang of it now.

Here she is racing out the drive. I know she should have a bike helmet on. Thankfully Nanny and Granddad live on a quiet, private road with no traffic so they're as safe as houses.

And due to the horrid weather I've had lots of opportunity to knit. Do you remember Dr. Baxter Bunny? Well I gave him to Di so that she could pass him along to her brand new grandson. Di loved him so much that we just had to make a bunny just for her.

I'd been desperate to get the new bunny finished by yesterday. Unfortunately swimming, making meals and playing cards got in the way a bit and I finished Professor Beatrice Bunny last night.

Beatrice is a botanist who loves being outdoors among the flowers and plants. Hopefully some of her love for gardening will rub off on me.

Well, in the way of life it's perfect that she wasn't finished until last night as it turns out it's Di's birthday today. We've invited her over for afternoon tea and we'll present her new best friend. Di loves to garden so I'm sure they'll have lots in common and find special ways of spending time together.

Now I'm working on my next project . . . Tessa Teddy. I thought that Tessa was a granny but it turns out she's a teacher. Her vocation may change as she's only got one leg and I'm finding that as I create my friends their stories come to life. I'll keep you posted.

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